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To determine the surface energy (SE) or surface tension (ST) of solids.


Test inks are used to determine the surface energy (SE) and surface tension (ST) of solids made of plastic, glass, ceramic or metal. This is done by applying the ink on the intended surface and observing the wetting pattern.

SE and ST are decisive criteria to determine adhesion of printing ink, glue and varnish on surfaces. To ensure good adhesion, it is important to check the surface energy of a material before printing, bonding and painting.

Besides inks in bottle formats, we also provide test pens as a no-spillage solution which is extremely easy to handle.

Our Solutions

arcotest ORGANIC
arcotest® ORGANIC

The arcotest® ORGANIC test ink are test liquids of defined surface tension that are coloured green.

  • Available in a range of 30 to 46 mN/m surface tension
  • Non-toxic
  • Not subject to labelling
  • Available in bottles and in pens
arcotest PINK
arcotest® PINK

PINK test inks were developed as “non toxic” test inks, meant to substitute the blue coloured inks as they were declared to be toxic.

  • Available in a range of 22 to 60 mN/m surface tension
  • Non-toxic
  • Available in bottles and in pens
arcotest BLUE
arcotest® BLUE
  • Available in a range of 18.4 to 105 mN/m surface tension
  • Toxic from 24 to 57 mN/m.
  • Available in bottles and in pens
Quicktest 38
Quicktest 38®

QUICKTEST 38® serves to check if the treatment of polyolefins has shown an effect onto the material.

  • Easy to handle
  • Perfect for quick checks on polyolefins
  • No wiping off necessary, lasting display of result
  • Good readability due to striking red colour

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arcotest GmbH

arcotest GmbH is a German manufacturer of test inks for measuring surface tension or surface energy on a wide variety of plastic, glass, ceramic and metal surfaces. Since 1976, they offer a comprehensive overall program of inks, pens and accessories.

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